My name is Anthony Rose, I am an experienced SEO Specialist that has created my own brand of SEO called NicheJackers . I have a  membership site where I will be teaching Search Engine Optimization and everything that comes with it at  http://nichejackers.com.


Here at http://bestseospecialist.com  I explain Local SEO and drive this site towards future Local clients. I partner up with Bill Gates Marketing  , and together we have had some really successful clients. I prefer to form an alliance with one company per niche. That company must truly benefit from being number 1 in Google for all their best keywords. I get them there and maintain their positions while building up their online authority and reputation.

I am currently looking for a few new clients that are ready to move up a level in their city.  I travel between Jacksonville, Fl–Tampa/Brandon, Fl–and Daytona, Florida every month.

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